(PG-13) • 101 minutes • 

Directors: Richard Glatzer, Wash Westmoreland

Starring: Julianne Moore, Kate Bosworth, Alec Baldwin, Kristen Stewart, Shane McRae, Hunter Parrish

Synopsis: Alice Howland is a linguistics professor at Columbia, happily married to John with three children; Anna, Tom and Lydia. Soon after her fortieth birthday she begins experiencing memory loss symptoms, forgetting words of difficult concepts. Alice sees a neurologist and gets an MRI and blood checks which come back fine. Her subsequent CAT scan confirms the hypothesis of Alzheimer disease. In her case its the rare familial version that occurs at an earlier age, which can be passed on to her offspring, and gets even worse to those with high level of education due to the increased brain activity. Alice and John tell their children about her illness. Anna and Tom get themselves tested for the genetic indicator, while Lydia refuses to do so. Anna’s result comes back a positive while Tom’s comes back negative. Meanwhile her children are also dealing with their own problems. Anna and her husband deside to go to a fertility clinic to encourage pregnancy, Tom still going on a new relationship with a new girl after breaking up, and Lydia is still the rebellious last child who refuses to go to college to pursue her acting career.

Alice’s illness progress at a saddening rate. She soon uses her phone to list things and uses the phone’s alarm linked to a list of questions to refresh herself on the most crucial memories, such as the names of her children and her own address. While she is still able, she makes a video intended for herself dictating step by step on how to commit suicidie by drug overdose. She soon lose her capability to teach, forgetting the class schedule, appointments and routes. She even wets herself because she cant find where the toilet is. Once she’s invited to speak at an Alzheimer convention, where not only her words, but the way she reads them shows her struggle against the memory loss. The family is affected deeply by Alice. They try to connect with Alice amidst all their businesses. John even has to postpone a job offer from the Mayo Clinic. As the illness progresses, Alice forgets even her children’s names. Soon Alice gets to see the birth of her grandchildren, Anna’s twin babies. Alice’s condition worsens to a point where John has to help her get dressed. Soon, failed with her producer connection, Lydia returns to live with her parents as Alice loses the ability to utter words.


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Show Times:

2/27/15 – 3/5/15

Friday – Saturday
1:30  •  4:00  •  6:30  •  8:40

Sunday – Thursday
1:30  •  4:00  •  6:30


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